Online DJ Training @ Skype

During my long-lasting experience as a DJ & Turntablism trainer (Qbert Skratch University, VibrA DJ School and Yamaha Music Academy) I noticed that musicians will always help you to improve your abilities on the instrument. By using my patented teaching model as an education plan you can have a better understanding of the different techniques of scratching and mixing.

Lectures & Seminars

Based on the different subjects of my work I give lectures or teach in group seminars. Here is a small overview of possible topics

  • Turntablism 2.0
  • Basics & Techniques of DJ`ing & Scratching
  • S-Notation
  • Theory of Motions


In this clip you can see an excerpt of my lecture "Turntablism 2.0". If you have any questions related to the different topics, send me an email.


Information & Contact

If you have any questions related to the different topics, send me an email. I'm interested in your feedback and it is no problem to customize the lectures/seminars to the client`s specific requirements.


Frankfurter Musikmesse 2014

On 14.03.2014 I was presenting "Theory of Motions" at Musikmesse in Frankfurt. A proir I have elaborated a poster in cooperation with Q-Bert, D-Styles and many other DJs which shows the history of turntablism techniques wrietn down in S-Notation.


49° Festival in Bayreuth

In December 2014 I was invited to Bayreuth to give a lecture on "Theory of Motions". A great experience for me to talk with students and DJ Spooky from New York about my work.



SampleMusicFestival 2015

On 10.10.2015 I gave a lecture on "Theory of Motions" at SampleMusicFestival in Berlin. Here is the footage. 


NI Session @ Prince Charles/Berlin

On 10.12.2015 I was really proud to be a part (beside Rafik, Craze and Unkut) of the NI Session in Berlin. It was a great oppurtunity to introduce S-Notation to a world wide audience. Here is the footage.


TENOR Music Conference 2016 @ Cambridge University 

Me and Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen submitted a paper to the music conference TENOR 2016 about Theory of Motions and turntablism research. The conference chair accepted and we had the great oppurtunity to present our work in front of 50 scientists from all over the globe. The reactions were just overwhelming ;-)




Humboldt University Berlin


On 08.06.2017 I was invited to hold a lecture on Theory of Motion @ Humboldt University Berlin. After that we had a great discussion. 

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