Theory of Motions

There are plenty of turntables or other control panels in the existing market. This development unites all existing technical devices (called as Tonspielzeug in the remainder of this paper) for a main definition, which will exist for years and years to come. The following sketch shows the structure of the Tonspielzeug.

The following basic analyses are linked with useful demonstration videos, which were produced to ensure a deep understanding of audio and visual examples of playing strategies with the instrument. The chosen sample is ?fresh? of the sentence: ?ahhh, this stuff is really fresh?,played on the B-string, taken from the song ?Change the beat? by Fab Five Freddie from 1982.

This specific tune is the representative pattern for the coming up analyses. But before we start off with that, it's necessary to give a few details about the structure of this material. The sample has the total time value of a quarter (equal to 0,8 sec) based on a tempo of 75 bpm and the record runs automatically with 100 percent. To visualize the separate acoustic pattern, we used common graphical waveforms for most of our notational examples from the kinematics.

By looking at the curve progressions you can retrace the influences of the progress from transformation. Clicking on all words in red in the document you can see and hear the performance on the disk and fader. In order to have the opportunity to study the actions on the turntable, you can watch the elements separate as well as in combination with both sides.

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