Sample Music Festival


The instrumental work with samples is an integral part of today's music culture. What once was the guitar or drums is now for many the turntable or midi controller today. Hip Hop, House, Trap or Dub are the result of this musical debate and find their virtuoso through live interpretation in DJing, turntablism, finger drumming or controllerism. Despite its millions of fans, this type of music has become rarely a subject of academic studies and cannot be studied at music university.Everything takes place in a kind of 'youtube parellel universe' and is developed mostly by people who have never been inside a music school. This is due to the young history of turntablism compared to other classical instrumental forms and the lack of scientific analysis, educational books Academics who are proficient musicians and also play professionally.

The Sample Music Festival that takes place annually aims to create an interface between sample culture and the traditional music business. A kind of podium to exchange know how and, to learn from each other and to get pieces of information on the developments in the individual areas. Making music by means of sampling will be made more transparent and looked at from a theoretical standpoint using lectures, discussions, workshops and performances. Targeted invitations to academics and composers are intended to help extend the usual clientele.


Because of its importance to the international music scene Berlin is an ideal venue. Artists from all over the world and numerous companies in the music business are based in the capitol of Germany.

Gretchen is Berlin's number one club for contemporary club music and left field beats. Just opened in October 2011, but ran by the former heads of the legendary Icon club, the club is already well-known, far beyond Berlin borders. Gretchen stands for great sounds and high ranking international bookings. The programme reflects the complexity of current musical trends. The club is located in the middle of Berlin-Kreuzberg and stands out due to beautiful vaulted ceiling and delicate columns. The venue has been the former stables of the Prussian 1st Guards Dragoon Regiment Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland from 1854, so Gretchen presents itself in a historic charm combined with a cool club design.

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